All-Purpose Rice seasoning & spice blend. 20g (Mild)


This All-Purpose spice blend for Rice is made using a combination of 7 ground & whole spices. 

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Inspired by traditional family recipes this rice seasoning will excite your senses and take your rice dishes to the next level. This versatile combination of spices will help you explore new flavours with other ingredients such as Poultry, Tofu, Soya etc.
Use in a variety of dishes from classic boiled (or microwave) rice, Biriyani even a twist on a classic risotto or paella.

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  • There are no chili flakes or chilli powder in this or any of our blends
  • Ingredients are Gluten, Dairy, & Nut Free (packaged in an environment where these allergens are present) please contact the seller before purchasing with specific questions
  • Fat Free
  • Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and those following a Keto or Paleo Diet
  • 100% natural colours, no E numbers
  • No additives or preservatives; 100% pure spices
  • Spice packets are resealable & recyclable helping to keep the spices fresh and eco-friendly

Store in a cool dry place and use within 1 year of opening. Made & dispatched from the UK (Scotland)


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