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The Pakora Explorer is Scotland’s only street food provider specialising in Pakora as well as a variety of homemade speciality spice blends & chai tea! Born out of a love for food & a passion for hospitality The Pakora Explorer takes one of Scotland’s favourite snacks and brings it to life in a truly authentic way using our secret family recipe and Mama Pakora’s special blend of spices! Our spice blends for our Pakora are so popular that people kept asking us about other spice mixes, and so we also give to you our family recipe spice blends (masalas) and homemade spiced chai tea.

Want to learn more about our spice blends & chai tea?

About Us

Who is The Pakora Explorer?

My parents are originally from Pakistan (with Indian roots), but moved our family to the Orkney Islands in 1988 (via London!) to run a small croft. We were one of the first Asian families on the island and everyone knows the best way to make friends & meet your neighbours is through food!

Pakora & chai for us is like serving tea and biscuits, the two always go together. In our home, we always had the ingredients to make fresh Pakora for when the neighbours popped into see us, these golden nuggets of goodness soon became very popular with our friends & neighbours around the island.

Want to make Pakora at home? Check out our online Pakora Making Classes

What is Pakora?

Pakora is a traditional street food snack predominantly served on the Indian subcontinent. It is prepared using Gram flour (ground chickpeas) which is made into a batter before a variety of spices & vegetables are added. It is then deep fried until golden and crisp.
Scotland’s love of Pakora is second only to chips! We go mad for Pakora and many restaurants & takeaways pride themselves on having a variety of different combinations from Mushroom, to fish even Haggis! But none is more popular than Chicken Pakora, so much so, that many believe Chicken Pakora was ‘invented’ here in Glasgow!

Accompanying our Pakora

Pakora Sauce

Just so you know, our Pakora sauce isn’t pink! As much as we love the pink sauce, we are bringing you our families traditional Pakora Sauce – but with a twist! There are about 13 different ingredients that go into our sauce, all made using fresh mint as the base, you must try it to realise why it goes so well with Pakora – I’ve not met anyone yet that hasn’t asked for more!

Spiced Onions

Here is another great example of where my Scottish & Asian roots come together. We don’t traditionally have spiced onions with Pakora, but it’s so popular here, that one day we tried it and realised we had been missing out! Another family recipe, our spiced onions are made using only the freshest red onions to give you that natural colour but a different flavour to what you’ve experienced previously.

Chilli & Lime Mayo

Here’s a fun fact – I don’t like spicy food (Ironic I know seeing as ‘all Indians like spicy food!) Well not me! However, when our customers asked us for something with a bit of heat, I turned to my brother and he created our Chilli & Lime Mayo – it’s got warmth and depth of flavor but isn’t too spicy that you can’t taste the flavors of the food. So much so, that even I can eat it!

“Had the mixed veggie box at The Big Feed and it was great! Loved the flavours of the pakora and the sauce!”

Feeling hungry? Come and visit us at our new site in Hillington Industrial Park or at one of our upcoming events 

Try this at home 

As a family, we love experimenting in the kitchen but it’s no secret none of us are allowed in the kitchen at the same time! We believe there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of creating a delicious homecooked meal yourself or better still get the whole family involved. Our spice blends aren’t just for making Pakora, they can be used in a variety of different dishes – limited only by your imagination. 

Want to make Pakora at home? Check out our online Pakora Making Classes

Not sure what to do with our spice blends? We also have a range of cooking tutorials & recipes as well

Whether you are a kitchen calamity or fancy yourself as the next MasterChef, our range of homemade spice blends will help you create your kitchen showstopper!


Using our perfectly blended spices will save you valuable preparation time and space in your kitchen cupboard or pantry. Whether it’s for the foodie who loves to experiment in the kitchen or the enthusiastic ‘novice’ who’s not too sure what spices work well together, these spice packs make an ideal gift.

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There are 5 spice blends in the range:

New Spiced Chai Tea


Nothing goes better with Pakora or a homecooked meal then a nice cup of tea! We’ve taken our traditional family recipe for our spiced chai tea and made it available so that everyone can enjoy – we even have a decaffeinated version!

Made using 100% natural white colour, cotton biodegradable bags. Our homemade, traditional family recipe spiced masala chai tea makes a perfect warm & comforting cup. While brewing, you are hit with the smell of fragrant eastern spices that play with your senses. As our chai tea has no milk or sugar and comes in an Original or De-Caffeinated option, you can enjoy your tea the way you like it.

Brew for a minimum of 2 minutes and add milk and / or sugar or both to your taste. The longer you leave the tea bag in, the more spiced the tea will become.

The Truck

We’ve converted a 1999 Pegasus horse box & custom built this into my catering unit.

The fryers operate on LPG – All other equipment e.g. fridges, lights etc. are run on electric.

Technical Specifications

Height 3.1m
Length (when serving area is open) 5.8m
Width – 1.68m
16amp connection

Event Hire

8 Reasons to book The Pakora Explorer for your next event.

• Is there anyone who doesn’t like Pakora?
• Family spice blends used, no one else has these masalas!
• Family recipes which provide that truly authentic experience.
• All Pakora is made fresh on the day.
• Never pre-cooked / reheated.
• Caters for those with dietary requirements (Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian & Dairy free options) providing more variety & inclusiveness to your event.
• Converted horse box gives customers an ‘Instagram-able’ experience at your event.
• Only eco-friendly packaging is used to serve the Pakora & sauce.


What do people think of our food?

Absolutely amazing tasting pakora, sauce and spices. The spice blends are phenomenal and add brilliant flavours to homemade meals.

– Anthony Jenkins

Can only recommend these lush beauties. They are crunchy and incredibly tasty. Love the fact that I can have them with my special diet. If you have a chance, do not miss tasting them.

– Anita Udvar

Bought all 5 spice packs and used the garum masala in dhal tonight, it was absolutely delicious, the whole family loved it, would highly recommend.

– Laura Slater

Pakora is amazing!! Highly recommend

– Georgie Gabrielle

Food was really tasty. Would highly recommend! I love pakoras but isn’t something that i usually opt for, so this really surprised me. My favourite was the chicken parkora, but again the cauliflower amazed me and I couldn’t stop eating them too! Its a must try. Cant wait to try the spice packs!!

– Iain Mackay

Thank you so much for your wonderful and delicious Pakora. It was all perfectly timed and we all loved it. Planning another occasion just so we can have you back!

– Hanifa Sher M Hamilton

Fantastic food! both the chicken and veg pakora was amazing. even the kids loved it, both kept going up for seconds. looking forward to having again.

– Richard Kilpatrick

Amazing food, great service and shows a true love for what she does!

– Deana Galbraith

Absolutely blown away by the flavours. LOVED that I could eat everything, being gluten free. The chicken, haggis and cauliflower Pakoras were out of this world- most definitely the tastiest I have had. And loved the idea of being able to have a Pakora party, combined with Scottish gins and whisky! Takes dinner parties to a whole new level. And the sauce… I was even dipping langoustines in it. Must try!!

– Laura Mackay

Delicious and fresh pakora, can’t wait to try more!

– Stephanie Kyle

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